The open

for brands, artists, influencers and creators

We believe the metaverse, just like the Internet, inherently needs to be open, accessible and free for everyone to participate in and express their creativity without any barriers

What we do

Hiber is building an open, universally accessible and free-to-use platform, powered by the blockchain, that removes all the barriers to entry for brands, artists, influencers and creators to build, manage and monetize their own virtual presence in the metaverse.

Build the
with us

Interested in using Hiber to build out your metaverse presence and participate in Web3 and the creator economy? Get in touch and let us know what you are looking to create. We will soon be onboarding a limited number of early beta partners as well as development partners (development studios as well as individual creators) that can help build out the metaverse presence for the growing number of interested brands and artists.

Key Benefits

Get creative for free

The Hiber platform, with its creator tools and services, is free for everyone to use.

Tap into the audience

Make your virtual presence available through HiberWorld, a virtual world where people can experience more than 1.7 million user created 
virtual worlds.

Universally accessible

Your virtual presence is instantly accessible to billions of people on their mobile phone or desktop through the web or the Hiber iOS/Android app for a frictionless experience.

No code or scripting

Create your virtual presence in no time without the need to code using our intuitive tools or use Hiber Studio – enabling anyone with basic scripting knowledge even more creative control.

Get creative for free

Make your virtual presence accessible through your very own website for complete control of the 
brand experience.

Engage your audience

Host and monetize music concerts and other events in your virtual world or invite your audience to create their own content, without the need to code and on any device, together with 
other users.