Matthew Wilson Joins Hiber Board of Directors

Former Rovio Entertainment Executive to Help Guide Cutting-Edge Browser-Based Game Platform.

September 9, 2019 – Hiber AB announced that game industry veteran Matthew Wilson has joined the company’s board of directors. Wilson participated in the company’s recently announced Seed Round through his investment company, Wild Sloths OY. Prior to starting Wild Sloths, Wilson worked for nine years at the leading Finnish gaming studio Rovio. He exited soon after Rovio’s IPO. His positions included Head of Marketing for the launch of Angry Birds, Head of Third-party Publishing, and Director of Business Development. Wilson has extensive expertise and experience in monetization of mobile games and commercialization of intellectual property rights. In addition, he has an extensive network in the gaming industry. Wilson will bring his industry knowledge and network of connections to aid the company in its mission to remove the barriers to creating and playing games.

“Hiber is poised to really extend the market for making and playing games to hundreds of millions of new people who are currently limited due to programming, financial, and hardware barriers,” said Matthew Wilson. “The team is very impressive, and the beta version of the platform has already proved its inherent virality. It’s going to be big.”

“In just a few weeks since the close of our funding round, we have already brought in additional talented development resources that will accelerate our time to market,” said Michael Yngfors, CEO of Hiber AB. “Adding Matthew to our board is another validation point and his experience and insight are already helping guide the company to greater success.”

In HiberWorld, people don’t need to know how to code in order to become a creator. They just need an idea for a game, and the passion to build it. Anyone can make even more complex games if they have programming skills, but HiberWorld is for everyone, regardless of their skill set. Currently, Hiber has a beta version released, an updated version coming in the next few months, and a roadmap for some pretty jaw-dropping tools that will truly expand the opportunity for creating games and entertainment, while allowing for more complexity as well, all in a browser.

Hiber is leveraging the billions of devices where games and entertainment can currently be consumed and enabling creators to target those devices while building their own entertainment experiences to share with others.