Hiber is currently working with a handful of initial partners to provide a variety of metaverse experiences built around Hiber’s key advantages. The platform deliver a number of key features that brands are asking for in order to enter the metaverse and engage with their existing and new communities.

With Hiber, brands can show off their products, embed their metaverse space within their existing website alongside other content, offer engaging activities and games for the community, and even link to existing e-commerce to drive sales.

Key Features

Universally accessible

Every virtual presence is instantly accessible to billions of people on desktop and mobile devices through the web or apps for a frictionless experience.

On brands’ existing real estate

Built on brands’ most valuable virtual real estate, their websites, consumers can interact with brands from an embedded metaverse presence in the place where they expect it.

Control the brand experience

Brands decide what they want to present to their audience as they aren’t competing against professionally developed games.

Easy to share

Hiber metaverse experiences are easy to embed into any existing Web2 site. Anyone familiar with copying and adding an embed script from Youtube can quickly have a metaverse presence up and running on their site and ready to engage their audience in minutes.

Commerce in a fun environment

Consumers can have memorable experiences with brands and transact by buying digital/physical products that provide online benefits (VIP, loyalty, discounts, etc.)

Web3 support and NFTs (in development)

Web3 is a major component of our strategy and we are building the rails to support digital ownership and interoperability, initially for Ethereum and Ethereum-based layer-2 chains to work on our platform.