Opening the

What can you do with Hiber?

Hiber is opening the Metaverse for brands, artists and creators.
Create a space as unique and dynamic as your imagination.
Then embed it on your website.

Your On-ramp

To The Metaverse

We’ve built a universally accessible, web-first platform that removes the barriers to entry for you to create your own world, engage your audience, and participate in the Metaverse.

Built on the existing infrastructure of the web, our HiberWorld platform already supports millions of interconnected virtual worlds, features a proprietary 3D engine, and incorporates Web3 technology to support interoperability.

Engage Your Audience

In An Entirely Fresh Channel

The Hiber platform enables you to easily engage and monetize your existing audience via your most valuable virtual real estate – by embedding directly into your own website.

You can leverage your existing traffic, you don’t have to compete with other content in a walled garden, and you can control all aspects of the brand experience through direct engagement with your audience.

About Hiber AB

Founded in 2017 and based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Hiber is building a universally accessible web-first, no-code, free-to-use platform called HiberWorld that removes all the barriers to entry for everyone to create, play, and participate in the Metaverse.

HiberWorld already supports millions of interconnected virtual worlds, features a proprietary next generation 3D engine and is incorporating Web3 technology to support digital ownership and interoperability.

The company is backed by a number of top investors in consumer technology, gaming and blockchain including EQT Ventures, Luminar Ventures, Konvoy Ventures, CMT Digital, Dreamcraft Ventures, SYBO, the mini fund, and others.

Our company has grown from a handful of people in the early days to around 30 dedicated and extremely talented Hiberians working at the cutting edge of Metaverse technology, no code creation, and developing and supporting the creator economy.

Contact us at

Hiber AB

Västra Hamngatan 12
411 17 Göteborg