The Lost Assets

We’re launching over 130 new items and 10 new environments on!

The original sketchbook where many Hiber assets began

For ages, people have whispered about lost blocks from the early days of Hiber. Some assets can still be seen in the worlds created during this era but they are not easily found among the hundreds of thousands of worlds created.

The legend talks about even more hidden treasures long forgotten on servers and hard drives in The Physical World. There are whispers about magic, plants, animals and even cities that once existed but never seen by any living Hiberian today.

For a long time it was thought that the legend was just a legend. Until one day when a group of dedicated Hiberians decided to take on the quest to find The Lost Blocks. After digging through archives, collecting stories of old and reading through ancient documents, the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place, and the legend slowly came to life. Then came the day that no one thought ever would come: The Lost Blocks were found.

Eternal Spring

An eternal spring is an impossibility in The Physical World but in Hiber nothing is impossible. Now you can create your own using the beautiful cherry blossom trees. The trees come in two different shapes, and you can enhance the vibe of your forest by adding cherry blossom petals that follow the wind using the new Cherry Blossom environment.

Architect Your Dream City

For those of you who like to build atmospheric games or urban shooters, we’ve dropped some city assets! Use the different house and street blocks to create your own virtual city, whether it’s inspired by the romantic streets of Paris, or a cool, urban block in New York City!

City created on a mobile phone

10 New Environments

Explore the new environments, we have everything from an eerie Alien Green, and the enchanting Cherry Blossom to the windswept mountains in Spiky Canyon. Take your pick.

Fan Favorites Return

We’ve also dug deep into our developer archives, and repurposed a lot of fan favorite items, so now there are a lot of fun little gifts that we think you are going to love! Want to make a dense forest filled with lovely animals or a rocket that takes you to the moon? Well now you can!

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These are just a few of the exciting additions to the platform. Play on now to explore the rest of the game blocks! The Blocks are available for both Create and Advanced Create Mode. Follow Hiber on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up to date with other exciting news!

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